A Troublesome World

We’re lucky.

No war torn realities or terrors we face

They not part of our culture & certainly not in our face

With everything we have and with everything we do, no wonder people coming here feel pulled like stuck with glue

We are here

We’re privaliged and sound, right here jus where they wanna be, runnin from their ground

Bombs and guns and wickedness has made them run away, and who are we denying them a bit of what they pray?

Just like being homeless it can happen to you or me, and with a little help can set these flee’rs free

The problem we all face is that we’re too set in our ways and we don’t take very kindly where others making waves

I feel sorry for them.

I wish could be more accomodating to the problem that we have, but how are we to foster those who genuinely don’t have?

Our economies don’t cater and our social sytems brim, we don’t need no more people we just can’t take no more in

So what do we do?

NASA is looking to make another place for us to stay on Mars where there will be enough space for a new world.

Here on planet Earth we are making the ground rules for this new place that our future generations will be calling


There are already too many people on the planet and that number is only increasing, where it won’t be long before the planet is over run by too many humans making too much mess.

If this isn’t already true!

While we sit here in our luxury and comfort, out life style and our many belongings, I can’t help thinking of those who have not.

A war torn place where shells come down and blow things to pieces.

Family and friends, dying daily.

Is it any wonder that people flee their countries looking for respite and freedom?

Hi, I'm making this website as a hobby that I'm hoping will grow into something that I can leave behind that'll benefit family and friends and anyone else who it touches. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing, and I hope I can help someone along the way. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.

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