Today l learned…

…all about choices.

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I watched a video given by a psychology professor called the paradox of choice where in it he says, and he’s right, that we have too much choice.

I can remember going into a video shop looking at all of the videos that were lined up on shelves and in their own section too, that seeing so many just overwhelmed me and I couldn’t make my mind up.

What Mr. Shwartz is saying is that because we have so much choice and that we are so used to being able to and getting what we want, we are never truly satisfied, and that that in itself is a downer. No wonder a lot of people nowadays feel depressed, and that it’s because there is never any real surprise. Go and have a listen, he’s a really smart man.

I had written loads in this post and it was all good, it made a lot of sense and it was from the heart too but I lost it. Where it went I’ll never know, oh the wonders of technology.

Today I was introduced to an accountability partner. An accountability partner is like someone who does the same thing as you like going to the gym? Think of something that you might want to achieve, they make sure you do it and the way it works is that if you know that someone is relying on you and you don’t turn up, you’ll be letting them down and knowing that would me you feel bad, so you go. Someone to help you get to where you’ve been wanting and trying to get to. For me, that’s to sort myself out and to simply ‘just do it‘ and this is where my partner comes in because I’m no good at sticking to good habits or routines, throw a bad habit or routine in the mix and I’m all over it (sticky out tongue face) how this works I’m still trying to find out. Sticking at what’s good for us isn’t easy. What I’m trying to learn is how it’s easy to do it the other way around?

I learned today that I am actually getting there, at last! Slowly but surely I’m getting there  🙂



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