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…First I read from this blog about 5 things to do when you have too many ideas and never finish anything which is ultimately avoiding overwhelm and how we can get stuck in motion at rest, instead of motion in action and lists ways to overcome these problems. All in all, they are really simple but it’s not until you read it that you actually think about it and the penny drops.

Reading on from there I read about a guy called Victor Hugo who in 1830 was struggling with writing his book and developed what we’ve come to know these days as self-isolation where we keep ourselves cooped up for a time. In his day he called it ‘Under House Arrest’ and it was due to this new phenomenon that the book The Hunchback of Notre-Dame was written and published. Just like Hugo, prior to writing his book, we tend to rely on motivation and willpower to get things done and these are both dwindling assets that need their own form of nurture to prevail and be of use in the long term, i.e. food, drink, and sleep.

I think I was following along the theme of reading about people from the past when I read the next which was involving Sir Isaac Newton-a genius physicist with long, curly, white hair—set out to mathematically prove how planets moved through space and revolved around the sun, and from who we now know about how motion works. In this case specifically Motion At Rest versus Motion in Action where we can become stuck in both rest or action.  ‘The Physics of Stress-Free Productivity: Newton’s First Law on Getting Things Done the Easy Way.’

‘How to Clean your Brain‘ and how it needs to be fed regularly with good food in order for it to do its job properly followed on from Mr. Newton. It counts for approximately 2% of the average adult’s weight, it accounts for 20% of its energy consumption, more than any other organ. I learned why sleep really does matter and why it might just be the time to add my brain to the list of things to look after.

Then I read ‘To grow, let go of your identities’. Partly because just lately I’ve been looking into myself and who I am, and in fact, who I was, and partly because with this new change that I think I need it’s really quite nice to think of myself as something new. A start of something and a fresh outlook, for however long that lasts? All of this might sound a bit unreal to you but to me in my tiny mind, it makes all the sense and I’ll long continue to be the keeper of ‘my new friends’ 🙂

After reading about letting go of my identities I came across this piece that I’d found and kept for future reference called ‘Your Story Is Your Power’ which followed along nicely from the identity story and it was when I decided to think about changing my own personal story from one of the traumatic events that I put myself through (and was put through) to maybe one with a more gentle approach which doesn’t hold so many bad memories or feelings. I think I need to let you know that my life hasn’t actually been that bad, no, it’s just that I am and have been so impacted by life’s events as I’m such an impressionable person, and to boot mental illness has made me look at and question everything about myself, my life and as I’m trying to, my future as well.

Following on from that blog I read this, ‘want to change your life? Start by telling the stories you tell yourself’ which to me is just like reading what someone else is telling me to do. I next stumbled across this here which tells all about rewiring the brain, to beat procrastination, which is called Neuroplasticity and is SO interesting! And if you care to watch the video to the end (it’s only a few minutes long) you’ll see yet another video which explains a bit about something called The reticular activating system (RAS) is a network of neurons located in the brain stem that project anteriorly to the hypothalamus to mediate behavior, as well as both posteriorly to the thalamus and directly to the cortex for activation of awake, desynchronized cortical EEG patterns, and is even more interesting to me and it’s called ‘Unlocking The Screen of Your Mind: WYTAYBA’  – plant a seed then watch it grow by taking action and what you think about (what you do is what you think about) you bring about…feed the RAS and be inspired.


Hey, it all fits – so why not?



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