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To Whom It May Concern,

Please get your act together.

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The planet is collapsing, and man has become indifferent to others suffering.

With wildfires, extreme heat and floods spreading around the world and world powers leaving hate filled groups like the taliban to pillage & kill innocent people in their own homes.

How did it come to this and is it too late?

Life before the pandemic was crazy and getting crazier, and I think it was that that slowed things down enough for us all to take note and wake up to what we are actually doing. If things had gone on the way that they were progressing at that rapid rate we might well of ended up here a lot sooner.

As far as the planet is concerned we can only hope that things haven’t gone too far and we can reverse some of the damage that us humans have done.

As for the wars around the world, there is still time.

How can America justify pulling out of Afghanistan to leave the Taliban to overtake the country? What do you think will happen? Do you think that they will stop just there?

I find it very worrying that the ‘powers that be’ have left the countless thousands of civilians to fend for themselves against that brutal force and I can also see that once they have gained absolute control then others will join them and they will start to try and overtake others parts of that continent.

It is a boiling pot that needs to be dealt with and dealing with it by pulling out is NOT the right way to go.

God said that the world will end because of Man’s own Will, and although I’m no Nostradamus, it’s sure looking that way!

nuff said…

…update – 22nd August:

I’ve had a good morning so far, making things for a website I manage using Illustrator and generally tidying up my filing system on my PC. Then I put YouTube on and came across this video which has left me feeling quite sick and shocked.

What a complete cock-up. Putting an end to the ‘Forever Wars’? Let’s just hope that Afghanistan doesn’t turn into another Syria what with Al-Qaeda being sworn enemies of the Taliban.

Update – 28th August: One positive to come out of Afghanistan. The Ex-Marine Dog Saver gets out of hell with his dogs.

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