Shelter From The Storm

The security of having a dwelling to call your own, how peeps perceptions of their own homes have changed in this strange time??

Having a home can mean different things to a lot of different people and at the same time having a home is the same, just different levels of comfort and security. A man who is homeless can have all the cardboard and sleeping bags/blankets he likes and even though he sleeps rough that is still classed as being a home.

For the majority of people who live in houses or flats, we have home comforts as well i.e. a bed, a bathroom and a kitchen, and a solid roof. And here we can live very well with a quality of life and safety to boot. These homes can and do still get broken into, however, when you think of the bod on the street in those cardboard coverings has no safety what so ever.

What’s come to light in this perilous time of COVID is not only that the homeless have been put up in hotels but those people who have their homes and are renting are facing being made homeless too.

How does a virus that hits us all and remains to be so deadly have the effect of making homeless people safer and more secure and those who were safe and secure nearly homeless???

Image by Tanja Mason from Pixabay

I felt sorry enough for all of those underprivileged sleeping rough, to begin with, I feel even more so now that they will have to return back to the way they were living before the Lockdown having had a taste of comfort and then having it taken away from them. These are hard people though and they are used to it you might say, well as used to it as they are it must still be bloody horrible.

Feeling sorry for those coming out of hotels isn’t as called for as feeling sorry for those who are facing the actual loss of a lived-in home that could have been occupied for years. Imagine that? Having a family in a rented house, all of the trimmings that a family collects over the years only to be faced with losing all of that history facing eviction. My heart goes out to them, all of them, and the homeless.

Having a dwelling to call your own must be one of the top commodities to have. Especially in times like these. All joking aside, it really must.


Image by Roger King from Pixabay

– Just look at the Social Distancing between these two, they were made for COVID –

It’s a scary prospect of losing your home.

It’s a bummer having to go back and sleep on the streets.

It’s a farce how this government is handling things.

And it’s a very big f**king worry about how we are all now facing a brand new future.

Rock on! Stay Safe! & Take Care!





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