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The Secret To Building Amazing Self-Control And Getting Things Done

The right way to set yourself up for success

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Written by Jude King, PhD on Medium

“Don’t bend yourself out of shape attempting huge feats of willpower heroism when simple precautions will do. Set up yourself for success from the get go. There are no points awarded for willpower heroism.”

The Key Lesson of The Marshmallow Challenge

However, the more important observation from this study is often overlooked and ignored.

“Save your strength. There are no points awarded for willpower heroism. Set yourself up for success using strategies that requires you to use as little of your willpower as possible.”

These examples show that to be better at self-control, attempting heroic feats of willpower is NOT the solution.

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Photo by Alireza Etemadi on Unsplash

A Better Approach To Self Control

Build enough obstacles to things you want to do. And on the other hand, build enough positive triggers to things you do want to do.

Add frictions to undesirable behaviour and positive triggers to desirable behaviours.


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