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The Internet make us very lazy!

Is Google Sync to blame?

There are many more images that describe my thoughts about this but I chose this one as it shows the virtuality quite well, I think. More and more are we all adding to this internet and I wonder when the internet itself will get full up!

When we look at it properly most of our information is, data. Stored and recorded and kept. Safe I hope!

Its the way of life now and we’re all used to it, some more than others and to be honest I help some of those who aren’t so tech savvy, here in my home town. For those who aren’t up to date with tech, life can be so difficult and confusing and I’m an advocate for helping them learn how to use it where I can.

Passwords, email addresses and other personal information gives us the ability to use the internet so successfully through buying and selling, advertising and marketing, blogging and vlogging, creating, teaching and learning to simply communicating, along with countless ways of doing all these activities with a multitude of apps and programmes and browsers and pages that won’t load and tabs and bookmarks and icons and web addresses and clouds and buffering and syncing across all our devices.

We put it out there and we virtualise it.

Its sorted then isn’t it? Then we can forget, and just use.

Once all the hard work is done and everything has been set up, it flows! It’s a marvel and we love it!

What we’re actually doing is letting the internet work for us, and we inevitably expect it ‘to’ work for us, for all of the time, and it does just that to a certain extent until we forget something, or, how to do something because we have done so much what with everything we’ve already done. This can be an absolute nightmare for anyone, even a techy, although it does get easier!

I can’t comment on other SEP’s (search engine provider’s) but I do know that Google stores our information and keeps it safe, I hope. Seriously they do keep it safe! And with the keeping and storing of our inner most they provide a function which auto fills fields where we’d once have to enter the data ourselves, which is so very handy and is the reason why we’re all so dependant on just that, the auto filling. Take that away and we’ll all be raging at the prospect of finding and remembering those damned passwords and having to fill in those fields for the umpteenth time.

I used to keep all of my passwords etc. in a book and I’d keep this book in a safe place. After all it contains all of my passwords and ‘inner most’, and its mine.

Looking at my password book to read the password and then make sure I’ve entered it correctly into the filed moving my head from left to right then right to left then again just to make sure has become a proper pet hate. Do you feel me, can you get that? And at the moment when on a page I have to actually type something which ‘should have been there already through auto fill’, I would mutter, “Oh, ffs!

It actually started making me feel angry, and all it was to open, find, look, read then type. How EASY is that!?

I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of time at my computer and if I’m not sat here at my PC I’m either on my phone or laptop, so much so that though out last week I made a conscious effort NOT to be here at my PC. My phone goes everywhere with me anyway, however while I’m at home I’ve started leaving it in another room and also keeping it on silent. What happened was that whilst I was away from my PC, spending time doing other things (which I just hadn’t been doing), my laptop became my go to device when I needed to go online.

Yes, I said needed because I need to, well I can do it on my phone but that’s just too small for me, I like a larger screen and a proper keyboard aswell.

Regarding the password rage from earlier, I got over this with the use of a note taking app where I’ve kept all of my passwords so that now instead of having to go to settings/passwords/then enter letters/then look to find/then c+p I now go to my notes app/find the page/copy & paste. It’s a lot easier and saves time but at the same time its made me so lazy!

Audiobooks remove the tiresome and tedious task of turning pages!

Has the internet made you lazy?


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