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All week, in fact, all year so far, I’ve been on a mission to get myself into some sort of a structure or routine. Hmm, that goes for the previous year too!

Isn’t it just ironic how that things in life crop up when we really don’t need them, and our flow is interrupted, or in my case halted? How many of you can attest to the same kind of thing happening? Where things just don’t work.

The general flow of my blogs on my website has been about self-help, motivation (along with procrastination), and productivity and it never fails to astound me how life just gets in the way.

You guys keep me going though. With your posts about all that good stuff that we read about on here, it’s just amazing, to me anyway.

Today I read about how my need for approval is slowly destroying my life and I thought how true!

For years and years, I’ve had the voice of my nagging mother going on at me and constantly belittling me, humiliating me, and throwing a negative spin on things, in my head.

I’ve learned that my mum is living in a bubble and is so unaware of how things have changed, especially in this day and age of technology and superhumans, I mean you have to be a dedicated multi-tasker to get anywhere really don’t you?

God love the woman, she only has my best interests at heart but mum, please, come on, stop already!

I can think of a hundred situations where I’ve tried to impress my folks and have come up short and have failed, and in doing that I’ve punished myself internally because I can’t quite cut the grade.

What Ayo has made me see through reading his post ‘Your Need for Approval is Slowly Destroying Your Future’ is that I’m not the only one. I’m not the only one who has these problems and that there is a way to overcome, simply by being me, and following my own path.

So this week I’ve started learning how to use Adobe Illustrator and with the help of my keyworker have edited my c.v. which is now looking really great. Don’t you just love the way that words can be used?

I’m gaining skills at last. I have a magnificent reference to some of my work (which is under construction), and I have magnificent support from people who are helping me get to where I wanna be and yet, life still gets in the way and trips me up. And it’s at times like these that I really appreciate the blogs and posts that are written by you people on

At last, I’m getting there, slowly but surely I’m getting there and I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone on Medium who posts great stuff. It helps and it means a lot, thank you.

Hi, I'm making this website as a hobby that I'm hoping will grow into something that I can leave behind that'll benefit family and friends and anyone else who it touches. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing, and I hope I can help someone along the way. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.

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