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One hundred and two years ago with one month and 31 days, World War One ended.

Can you imagine the silence?

Can you imagine the overall relief of the soldiers and the families belonging to those soldiers?

I’m imagining a similar kind of relief for the people these days that are affected by COVID 19, meaning those who have it and now know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Of course, back in time when the guns and the killing stopped things meant more because of the time that it went on and of the scale of it all, and maybe the two shouldn’t be thought of in this way, however, things are still uncertain and if this vaccine hadn’t have come about so quickly then we would all be looking at this in a much much different way.

In fact, in another 102 years with one month and 31 days to go, people could well be looking at these times in the same way as we look back at WWI if this vaccine doesn’t work.

I’m not here to scare anyone and the thought is a horribly serious and saddening one but what if?

At the moment the world is looking at this Pandemic as being cured and that all we need is a shot in the arm and we’ll all be fixed. I’m putting it out there that without the proper trials that are usually involved in creating a vaccine this could lead to even more, bigger problems.

I hope not I have to say!

I pray that this vaccine works and that we aren’t faced with yet another kind of mutation that comes from rushing it through the protocols that are usually in place.

All that time ago the problems around that war were in Europe and in times to come involved the whole world. They were man-made wars and it was men that initiated, fought in, and died because of them. Throughout history, men have waged war in an attempt to rule others.

Some say that this virus was man-made and that in the transference from one place to another, it leaked into the population where it spread like wild-fire and now the entire world is affected or infected.

Imagining the silence of the end of the first world war and indeed on every day when the shells weren’t falling, I’m putting akin to the silence we now have in the wait with the anticipation that we now have concerning lockdown from the virus.

To me, it’s like being in no man’s land where I don’t know wtf is going on, and neither does anyone else. We’re being told so many different things and when it comes to the vaccine, that’s just been rushed because it’s so desperately needed, and praises to all concerned that have developed it, I hope it works in the long term which is where the trials of this vaccine haven’t been tested.

Maybe you think that that’s a negative spin on things and as much as it is, is as much as it holds how true it could be.

We’re living in a very pragmatic time where everything has to be done to beat this virus warrior and it seems that we’ve settled with the fact that this will work. In the short-term it is and that’s commendable, however, we should also be looking at the longer term and whether or not it will still work in times to come.

Just like the Great Wars which consumed the world, this COVID19 is consuming us all now, and what with the way in which we are being forced to keep it at bay while watching our economies shrink, which is putting us all into a recession we are even more inclined to accept the first thing to come along.

We need to look at the bigger picture & I hope that I’m very wrong!


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