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There’s definitely something to be said for old friends.

The bonds between people can be so intense and real that they carry through time itself and know no bounds.

Today I made contact with one of them.

An old flame whose journey up till now has been fraught with hardship and devastation. And on a Sunday too.

Sundays are my favourite days of the whole week and now a Sunday means even more as it’s the day that we were bought back together, for a short while in a modern-day way we got to say all those things that we’d been meaning to say for a long long time.

Time is a healer. Give it time and everything will redeem itself. It has nowhere else to go, and no one else to turn to but your good old friend.

We come across certain people in our lives who instantly make us feel ‘unreal’, full of passion and lust, full of a spark that wasn’t there a day ago, and when it hits you you’ll know it forever.

Throughout my past, I’ve always believed in Angels in the sense that when you come across someone who makes you feel so good, it must be an Angel. How else can we get such feelings and emotions from another person?

We are all put on this planet to live a life in which we basically have no idea of where we are going, we just live it as best we can, trying to make it the best we can. And sometimes we meet people who make us feel different somehow. Some call it Love – I believe in Angels.

As we walk our paths whichever one we walk there’ll probably come a time when we meet someone that makes us stop and think. What was that? OMG, that feels incredible! And that’s from a chance meeting.

As spiritual as it is and as ‘way out there’ as you see it it’s true.

Why do so many marry?

Why do so many stay so closely together throughout their entire lives?

How does it work that 2 people can be attracted to each other so intensely?

There is something in this and I’m going to prove it to you.

15 years ago now I used to chat on MSN and frequent an online game called Wordox. I think it’s still available today and I was so addicted to the game at that time. It’s basically a scrabble game using an American list of words and I used to have pieces of paper stuck to my wall which listed all of the possible words so that I could win the game. I got pretty good at it too. People would play the games in rooms that held 4 players at a time and you could pop into the rooms to have a nose at what was going on. This was only if the room captain hadn’t blocked visitors.

There were people from all over the world who played this game, just as there is now in online gaming. Wordox was different though way back then when games and chat were relatively new to the world and I’m talking of the noughties, 2000 onwards, and 2001/2 to be precise.

Have you ever watched The Language of The Divine Matrix Part 1 21 with Gregg Braden? He explains how we are all connected and he gives a really good example of that. The story of twins in America who were separated at birth (apparently that’s what they do in America) and one of them started failing. They started to form problems with their breathing and body circulation. A nurse at that time was concerned about what was happening and after some thought and time, she went against Protocol and took the baby into the room where the other twin was.

As soon as she placed the baby down next to her twin, an arm reached over toward her and started to cuddle her. And almost instantaneously the vital signs of the unhealthy twin corrected themselves back to normal. Isn’t that just out of this world? That’s a connection that couldn’t be stopped and couldn’t be explained.

The force fields that we as humans carry around with us are real.

We feel both negative and positive vibes from people that we don’t even know. Places can fill us with dread, even though there is nothing going on, the forces of the past some can feel. Not long ago I used to live in a very negative place and I could pick up on and feel sinister in the air. The place had a bad aura about it and it was making me ill. My mind was getting crazy and I couldn’t cope, and I was thankful when I moved.

Getting back to Wordox/MSN/Games and Chat. I used to chat with a lady from America and when we spoke, be that through the game or MSN, I felt something. Something inside that was out of the ordinary and it kinda got me wanting to chat even more, which I did in fact we struck up a good friendship over a few years of chatting and playing Wordox.

Her name is Mindy and she comes from OHIO, she is one of the most loving, kind, caring, happy, and honourable individuals that I’d ever met. If we had walked by each other in the street I’m sure we would have said hello, even though we didn’t know each other at that time.

The Divine Matrix says that we are all connected yeah and while Mindy and I were playing Wordox and chatting through MSN we were connected via the internet.

Rob, that’s impossible!


When you look at films that tell a similar story like The Matrix, is it really impossible?

You’ve Got Mail shares a similar equation.

The movie Her gives a form of socially acceptable insanity where a guy falls in love with his OS (Operating System).

I think it’s a form of love, it has to be, however, the Angel thing along with the connection of the twins does give birth to an extraordinary idea.

To Mindy OXO





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  1. Thank you, I really needed to hear that. You were the exact same thing for me. Good luck in your writing, blog, etc. you’ll get there, you always were smart & had a way with words. Don’t worry about what any one thinks or says, just do your thang!? & enjoy the ride☮️❤️

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