Nipping November In The Bud

In a few day’s time, it will be November 2020. We’ve had a year of COVID deaths and lockdowns and it looks like things are quite quickly going to get a lot worse with cases rising as well as the ‘R’ value that’s been increasing just recently.

It’s a difficult time for everyone all over the world and if that isn’t enough to deal with, there have been killings in France, where people have been stabbed and one even beheaded by Islamic Terrorists. 

Our World is falling apart.

Next week we see the results of the next election in the USA where either Trump or Biden will end up being the ruler for the next 4 years and in all honesty, with the state that the planet is in right now I don’t think it matters who gets the job.

How are we going to overcome these problems that our world faces at the moment?

The destruction that is happening today to and in our world is immense.

If the ozone layer around the globe wasn’t failing up in the sky, the land wasn’t being bombed to bits, in even more countries now, and this pandemic we all now face would never have come along then there might be a glimpse of a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Looking back to before COVID hit us we were seeing and hearing more of what’s happening around us in regards to the planet in general and what’s happening in Syria and countries of the like. Now that this damned COVID is so blatantly killing millions and it’s a necessity to concentrate on that, it seems as if everything else has been swept under the carpet.

More people have died in their desperate bid to escape the atrocities that they have to face in their own homes and more will face the same future no doubt. What have things come to when in places people are killing and torturing innocent beings where they have to run for their lives into a near-certain death? 

Was it technology that changed things so much? 

There’s always been evil in the world but to the extent of what is around today?

Our beloved David Attenborough (The Grandfather of Britain) is coming to the end of his fabulous life and in a time when just about everything else is coming to an end too.

What do we do first? Make our planet better or get rid of evil?

The way that the planet is killing itself is killing thousands, if not millions of species of animals and the evil that’s in the world is killing thousands, if not millions of people.

AND NOW we have COVID, which has killed and will more than likely kill thousands and millions more.

 Please don’t think that I’m bleating on about the state of things, I’m not. I’m sat here writing this in awe of what will be for you and my children’s children.

There is little to nothing that any of us can do to make a difference in how things turn out regarding the wars and conflicts around the world and we’ll just have to pray that that doesn’t come our way and that all of the evil that’s in the world gets suffocated and stamped out by the good.

There is little to nothing that we can do because we have to live our lives. And in today’s climate that isn’t really working. Damned viruses!

I can remember when I was still at school hearing from one of my mates while we played in the park, how the world will end because of insects and spiders, how it’ll be the really small things that do it. And well, you can’t get much smaller than a virus can you?

I was just thinking of writing how it’s not all doom and gloom, but for many it really is and that’s sad, really sad!

Here in the West, though I think we mostly live with blinkers on. We hear but don’t hear and see but don’t see. We play a blind eye and pretend not to think about it because it’s not happening to us. I mean, how are we supposed to carry on living if we DO pay attention? If we see AND hear? 

Things would be too much, wouldn’t they? For me, it would anyway. 

The title of this post is Nipping November In The Bud and the way I’m going to do that is to plan it beforehand where I’ll get my head stuck into what I’m doing and in that way, I’ll kind of drown out all of what I’ve spoken about tonight. After all, we can’t let things hold us back, especially when they don’t involve us, right.

It’s called a 30-day challenge and this Sunday coming will be the 1st of November and I’ll make a start on bettering my world by forming a few habits. 

I just hope I can stick to them and I’ve got you here now as my Accountability partner who’ll stand by me and support me.

Sundays for me used to be a nightmare day for some reason. I’d always end up causing a row on a Sunday and to this day I don’t know why, it always used to be on a Sunday though. So for THIS next Sunday, I’m going to try and change a few things. It’s like looking at a brand new start for me 🙂

I’ve not been coping so well over the past few weeks or a month with depression. It comes and goes to me and thankfully I don’t stay ‘in it’ as long as I used to. I feel like I’ve snapped out of that phase and I’m now looking forward to Sunday when I’ll start making those changes. If the truth be known I’ve started already.

So, I’ve nipped November in the Bud and I’m planning on forming a few good habits over the next 31 days. I plan to do more exercise, eat more healthily, learn more about Illustrator, and look for a job. I know, looking for a job in the midst of the greatest unemployment we’ve seen since the ’70s/’80s is crackers! But that’s what am gonna do! And on the 21st of November, I’ll come back here and do an update as to how things are going.

I hope you’re November goes as well as mine will.

Update: 21st November…I had a rude awakening yesterday which woke me up and made me see how fragile time is. Not that I’ve been wasting time, no but how I could have done more with it. After saying that I’m thinking about how a lot has been stopped due to this lockdown. The most important one is not being able to go to the gym as I had planned. Like it says in just about every school report I ever got in Secondary school, “Robert must try harder.”

Time Will Tell…Bob Marley








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