Lockdown Blues

Thoughts From a Tier 4 Lockdownee

Mum’s in hospital, she’s broken her hip

after making an early morning coffee she did slip

banged her head and caused a scene

my dad couldn’t lift her, he’s old and no more so lean

she’s in the best place being looked after so well

she’s had an operation and only time will tell

I was going over to help and be there

only now this damn lockdown has made things unfair

 it’s necessary and right to stop us moving round

with all the rapid changes my feet don’t even hit the ground

Christmas has died and with it Tradition too

it’ll probably be pizzas this year for me and for you

the brand new mutation in this virus that’s spreading

has laid down new rules for the places we were heading

tired of it all, getting stressed and upset

it’s the u-turns, the changes, that make us all fret

focus on the new year is what I told myself

but that too has been put up high on the shelf

Christmas, Oh Christmas a time of fun and cheer

where now we are faced with uncertainty and fear

as long as we keep to our bubbles and ourselves

this virus can’t spread and no more it can delve

it’s the dickheads who travel that makes me despair

with the threat of this nasty being passed in the air

unto ur own and do as you please

but you’re being unfair concerning this disease

a good thing has come through being alone

that’s taught me about space and staying in the zone

a different way of living

with not so much giving

looking after ourselves

and all of our cells

if this wasn’t Christmas we’d not think the same

not rushing to give we’d have a different aim

COVID-19 you’re the one to blame

if it wasn’t for you everything would be the same.

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash



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