“Just Listen”

3 cards were handed out to three individuals who were being questioned by a researcher one Sunday at the local shopping precinct.

Photo by Franco Antonio Giovanella on Unsplash

On all of the cards, there were the words that said, “what is a common denominator throughout the world that everybody needs?”

The researcher was looking to find out what people thought about closeness, unity, and bonding and explained that if you thought about it, there is one thing that brings everybody together no matter where they are.

Speaking to individual number 1, Simon, he remarked that it has to be food. As we all need food to survive. Or water, for the same reasons saying that both are a necessity and a staple for living. “Even animals need both of them!” he said as he wrote on his card and handed it back to the researcher.

That’s a good idea Simon but it doesn’t really fit on with the topic which is human kindness he was told, however, you are correct so well done.

It turned out that Simon was on his way to Macdonalds to feed himself which was the main contributor to his answer.

The second card that was given out was handed to a young lady who was carrying a bag of clothes and was heading for a launderette to do some washing. She wrote on the card that Love would be the one thing that bought everybody together while explaining that love is an international language and that love brings closeness, unity, and bonding. “Everybody loves!” she said.

With that, the researcher smiled and said, “of course, love makes the world go round and love is universal, thank you for your opinion”, she said as she placed the card into a folder and the young lady walked off to find the launderette.

The shopping centre was a busy place that Sunday and there was a hum in the air as people made their way around in and out of shops and sipping drinks while chattering in groups, all to a background sound of gentle music that muffled the sound of people’s footsteps.

The old man that stood there holding card number three was looking quite inquisitively at the researcher as he asked her what she thought was the overall bonding and uniting thing that bought everybody closer together? He said it with a rye grin on his face and with hope in his eyes.

To which she replied, “I would agree with the young lady. Love is the thing.” She said. “Love is the one thing that each and every person on the planet needs and it is always positive in people’s lives.”

The old man moved closer and handed her the card back, clutching at her hand as she took it and whispered…the word music.

“Music around the world IS loved.”

“Music around the world is always a joy to the heart.”

“Music around the world speaks to every one of us in a way that we ourselves can only know and for that, it is a priceless commodity. Whether it be happy or sad it means more to people than life itself at times.

“Music is The Universal Language of Emotion.”

“People are always challenged by the fact that “no one understands themselves” or know how they “really feel”, so they turn to music. Music also has the capacity to imitate emotions. The temporal patterns of music mimic our emotional lives — the introduction, buildup, climax, and closure.”

“It all fits and we all need it! Just listen” he said as he courteously bowed his head and disappeared into the crowd.




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