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Tommorrow Will Be a Good Day

Sir Captain Tom certainly got it right!

This post is dedicated to Captain Tom’s memory where I’ve made a change in my own life in carrying on his will and determination in myself to better my future.

In his own words, “Tomorrow will be a good day. Tomorrow you will maybe find that everything is much better than today, even if today was alright. My today was alright, and my tomorrow will certainly be better! That’s the way I’ve always looked at life.” Captain Sir Tom Moore – April 2020.

On the road to recovery, and now that I can more maintain a steady mindset it has to be time to get started on what I’ve been working on in bettering myself. I’ve spent hours, days, months, years gathering notes and software and now it’s time to put it all together. Getting a balanced mind is the most important piece of the jigsaw and now the hardest part of that jigsaw is going to be implementing it all into a balanced life.

I’m not ready for full-time employment so I’ve applied to various organisations to volunteer where I’ll be helping others and I’m looking forward to doing just that! Still on that road of recovery at a snail’s pace which is what I need to do and I’m placing things into my life that will be of as much benefit to myself, as to other people.

I’ve been lost & broken internally and trying to be someone that I’m not and now that I’m more focused and positive I know more where my strengths and skills are and even at the age that I am, I’m in no doubt that there’s still time to make things work. I’ve been working against my personality traits for far too long now and have been looking in the wrong directions to try and make things work. It’s too late in the day to be thinking of all the wasted time and money that’s been spent but to look to the future. Be that 10 years, 5 years, 3, 2, 1, or even tomorrow.

I used to love drawing. My son loves art and now my granddaughter does too. I have an abundance of software to be able to help them, and me, further our ambitions where art sits in our lives and going along with my plans for tomorrow, Digital Art is the way to go, for me anyway.

Day 1. 1st March 2021

Got off to a great start by not smoking first thing, which lasted for a few hours and I noticed something about the effects of nicotine. Well, I had noticed it before but was in the depths of addiction and could/wouldn’t do anything about it. The first puff on a roll-up would make me I feel like I had just smoked a joint, and by the end of that first roll-up, I would feel stoned with eyes squinting with my brain falling in and out of sleep. Of course, you can imagine how I would have felt over the next few hours of smoking one after the other. Lazy and lethargic to say the least. So, I stopped. And I still have the drive and motivation at the end of the day that I had after I had woken up this morning.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, I started a new routine today, in earnest, and it’s going really well. All in all, today I have made something in Photoshop following a course where I’m learning PS and I started a course that I bought back in 2016. The Ultimate Digital Painting Course and I started painting an eye. I’ll share it on here, hang on I’ll be right back…here it is…


created by Rob Walker on 1st March 2021

Not bad for a first attempt ey! The class hasn’t finished yet and he’s still painting his. This is where I left off though and I’ll come back to the same project once I finish the course and see how I’ve improved.

This here below is what I made in Photoshop.

All-Stars Postcard created by Rob Walker 1st March 2021

Dan Scott is the name of the guy teaching me and he’s set me some homework, well a fun project to do and I’ll do that next before I continue on with the course. My next piece is going to be a fish that I’m going to draw using Illustrator. I haven’t started it yet and I’m about to but when that’s done I’ll share it on here. Update 2nd March: The fish swam away.

Today Has Been a Good Day


Hi, I'm making this website as a hobby that I'm hoping will grow into something that I can leave behind that'll benefit family and friends and anyone else who it touches. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing, and I hope I can help someone along the way. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.

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