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Something and someone to follow…make sense man!

whatwouldyou think if ijusttyped no grammar at all ororderroutine justtypedi knowonethingand that is thatyoureprobablywondering wtf imtalkingaboutandhad togobackand reread thissentence or govery slowtomake heads or tailsto whatit isthat Im saying

We need structure in just about everything we do, and that includes writing. That’s where Grammar comes into play so that we can better and easier understand our reading by using Capital letters, commas, and full stops. Just try and make sense of the next sentence, and it can be done.

howeverletstryanddothiswithoutgrammarandseehowwegeton i can appreciate that that was difficult reading the sentance before so ill make it easier and will put spaces for you in between my words to seperate them   ill also put three spaces after a full stop   like that one   

if your wondering where all this is going then just bare with me and follow along   its a little experiment to see how big or little our attention spans are ie if you can keep up with this then your doing very well   and for those of you who are reading this on a mobile phone i really do apologise as its probably near impossible   try and stay with me

We need structure and routine in what we do, and that’s where mindfulness comes into the equation. I’ve heard it can structure the mind, with routine.

I’ve been reading and learning about mindfulness, well listening to it and making some notes. An Eastern philosophy that’s becoming quite big over here in the West and it’s helping me keep my mind more stabilised.  Read more here…

Nick Wignall is a Psychologist and is well worth following. He writes some really good stuff.

Mindfulness is the complete opposite of Mindlessness. I think it’s being in tune with yourself that’s the mind full way and a lot of people including myself thought that tuning in with yourself meant getting stoned. With meditation on a regular basis, you can actually learn to read yourself. I’m not talking through experience because I’ve only just recently started, and that’s through having Acupuncture in the ears, 5 in each ear lobe. It occasionally nicks on one or maybe 2 of them but milliseconds and it’s gone.

This acupuncture/meditation slows everything down once you can control (it so I hear), and in that surely lays the art of controlling self? I just wish I could at least stick with it for time and see it working properly and I WILL try harder just like my old school reports said.

Finding the time can be difficult and try and think of it like properly knowing and understanding how long 10 minutes actually is, first of all, do it regularly enough to be able to centre your breathing from thought and learn how to manage those 10 minutes. through meditational methods, i.e. acupuncture. It sounds like a doddle doesn’t it – well then I wonder why it’s so difficult to actually do it? and then to keep on doing it? Practice makes perfect and the proof is in the pudding. But how can you get any pudding when you don’t eat ur meat?

"Mindfull actions help build a block and mindless actions destroy that block"   mindfulness vs mindlessness   it's yin and yang    good vs bad   positive vs negative   bi vs polar (2 poles)   opposite vs ________   can you fill in the blank?  over here?   
Hi, I'm making this website as a hobby that I'm hoping will grow into something that I can leave behind that'll benefit family and friends and anyone else who it touches. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing, and I hope I can help someone along the way. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.

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