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Lockdown Blues?

Don’t get so down and don’t get so stressed, we’re all a bit fiesty and we all need some rest, these days of restrictions are getting to be, a bind and a hindrance for you and for me.

The vaccine is running and it’s making it’s mark and we hope it comes quicker getting us out of this lark.

The time can’t come sooner when we go back outside and greet one another and love is applied.

Coz staying apart and standing alone has made us all weak in our social zone.

The world needs to listen and take at great heed that it’s peace and loving that everyone needs.

The planet is dying and so are old ways, it’s a new way of living we have nowadays.

Will things get better? It seems that they will, after killing the virus there’s still a big hill.

A hill of endeavour and change we must see to put in place a world where we’re free.

The Climate still rages and wars going on don’t forget those damned people who put hate right upon, there’s trouble and strife where ever we look and we have to unite to get off of that hook.

War mongers and terrorists are waiting out there who are planning and scowling to put MORE death in the air, with sadness and wonder we have to concede there’s a fight on our hands more than COVID indeed.

Don’t mean to be unpleasant or bearing bad blues but there’s more going on just not in the news, for this virus has got us looking away from the horrors of the world which just won’t go away.

Feeling sorry for those people in parts of the world where they’re dying daily from the terrors unfurled, but what with this virus they might have a break from the killing and bloodshed and life they do take?

I doubt it and know that it’s still going on where people are caught up in the wars where upon, those evil idiots with guns, rockets and bombs, shouting vengance is mine slaying good people and sons.

This virus has us focused on staying alive while the ISIS of the world push on in their drive.

We live in a place where we’re free and at peace and with hope and good fortune the wars will decrease, but we have to stay aware that once things are back to normal those fuckers still want us the fights still informal.

Today has been hectic, all over the place, and I’ve completed some things that give me more space, more space for improvement is what I have needed and today I have got it, so I have succeeded.

While looking at a post on a certian object I saw an advert for Counter Extremism Project, which reminded then that our troubles aren’t over and that without this damned virus the world’s not covered with clover, so I’m sorry if you’d forgotten and wished things away I’ve not liked what I’m writing here what I have to say.

It’s Friday and I’m bored with nothing to do but write a few lines to you and to you, and I wish you all well with this fight on our hands, let’s hope and pray it never comes to our lands.



Hi, I'm making this website as a hobby that I'm hoping will grow into something that I can leave behind that'll benefit family and friends and anyone else who it touches. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing, and I hope I can help someone along the way. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.

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