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The whole world is having to stay indoors and practice social distancing. It’s been about 2 weeks now for us in the UK since this outbreak started to spread and I think that unfortunately, things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. I’m personally looking at 3 months, however, hopefully, it will be shorter. If we all stay at home and stay away from each other by using social distancing then the spread shouldn’t hopefully go very far!

The worst thing about all this is that we can have this virus and not even know it for days until it worsens if it does. It’s that time that people should focus on and should think twice about socialising, just in case they have been infected unknowingly and pass it on to someone else.

Unfortunately, we aren’t being tested yet so there is NO WAY OF KNOWING for sure. A flu virus is going around at the same time which doesn’t help!

I don’t blame our Government. People say they haven’t acted quickly enough, well if they had had a heads up on the fact that this virus was coming and had known exactly what it was then perhaps they could have got things ready.

Everyone is in a state of stress and shock and I’m just waiting for the new Labour Party leader to make waves politically. He/they should help instead of condemning as government parties usually do, I just hope I’m wrong.

Update: it’s great to see them supporting what the government is doing.

Update: 7/5/2020 and I’m right. Sir what’s his name stands there opposite and questions Boris’s motives and actions. The world/country/thousands are dying, Boris is doing his best trying to help and the Sir, does nothing but slate him. Its a joke ffs!!

Update: 1/7/2020 I think I may well be a Labour convert! But what would be better even still is if the two of them got on board and worked together? Too much conflict and derision at the top, we need one to follow so join and make a new party? Now we have to stand by and watch all of the misgivings pointed out by Sir until the next election when legally something can actually be done about! At the moment we’re on the verge of a second spike, it’s happened in other countries already and I’d like to know if it would be possible for the 2 of them to get together? Because we need some proper leadership. Boris in charge as he’s PM and Sir his PA. That doesn’t sound so silly when we look at what’s happening around us

Update: 1/10/2020 What a mess!!! Sir has offered to work with the government and they should take him up on that offer I think. I don’t think Johnson will though because he might and probably will push him out of power. It’s disgusting how politics work, given that we need one rule to follow and everything is so fucked up. And Johnson isn’t doing that, he’s unwittingly put us in this mess in the first place. I wouldn’t want his job for love nor money!

Update: 19/12/2020 As of 1 minute past last midnight we here were placed into Tier 3 which meant that we could form Christmas bubbles and we organised what we were going to do. Under an hour ago we were told that we are now in Tier 4 and that now we can’t form Christmas bubbles. I’m fed up with it! I feel lonely and sad and fed up. But I’m alive.

Update:26/01/2021 100,000 people dead, the highest death toll in Europe and the 5th highest death rate in the world. I can’t belive that the Government are still questioning whether they should stop people flying into the country! 

It’s a lovely sunny weekend here in Peterborough as I type this. Millie my friend’s dog is begging me to throw her ball but she has cut her paw and Fran won’t let her run outside. I suppose I’ll have to risk smashing some of her ornaments inside?

Hopefully, those who have been furloughed from work are making use of this time to get things done that might have been put off in the past. I know that some are socialising out and about at beaches and parks and such like and it’s because of people like them that I think there will be stricter enforcements put upon society in general. I’m so glad I don’t live in a close/tight and busy inner-city like London, Manchester or Birmingham. Not that it’s any better here, it’s just quieter with more open space.

Today I’ve been doing a workout with resistance bands with my friend. Her dogs were pleasantly amused but were very good, they just sat there and watched.

I’ve already had 2 panic attacks due to this virus infection potentially infecting us all. That was mainly due to my having asthma, as well as watching and listening to too much news. Everybody in my family is well, friends too and everyone is trying to cope with the boredom of staying in. Kids off of school and not being able to go to work. Many have sadly passed away though and I just hope that we can stop any more and I believe we can if we all work at this together. I wish that I could help the NHS in some way other than staying in. The NHS is on their knees at the moment so I truly hope things don’t get worse. If I had transport I’d help in some way.  The buses are still running, although they are going to have a time-table change as from tomorrow, where I can see them changing to hourly or even longer.

All we can do is stay at home and cope as best we can. It really does feel like a United effort too as MANY are following the instructions from the Government and the WHO (World Health Organisation).

When you think of it. The state of the climate and all of the wars going on, you wouldn’t be so wrong to think that we’ve disrespected this planet and everything on it. After all the seas, sky, land, and animals were all perfect before us humans interrupted proceedings and spoilt nature.

Today is Sunday 5th April 2020 and all is quiet on the Eastern Front.


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