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And? Where were you!?

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It’s not a nice watch and to be honest, we may be too late.

If only David Attenborough could stay alive for another 5o years.

We might be able to honestly change the way things are progressing with regards to Climate Control.

It’s up to us in this generation and more importantly to you in your up and coming generation to make sure that we succeed.

We are starting to realize that as a race of humans we are in peril about our own future and that the time has come that we really do need to resign to the fact that if we don’t start changing things now, things will be, if not already are, at a point of no return.

COVID 19 is upon us now and we are all in the same boat.

People from around the world are working closely together looking at the same outcome, pooling their intelligence, and progressing towards an end to all of this global destruction that’s being caused by this virus.

Never in human history has there been anything to face us globally like this virus where we are all affected in every part of the world at the same time with the same thing.

This pandemic is an insight into what will become a norm like the flu jab and there will be no getting away from the fact that it could well be here to stay.

In my view of the future it won’t be abolished by a vaccine it’ll just be held at bay.

Things are affecting us that we never considered and we might have to fight for civilization itself.

I think we are at war.

At war with an invisible killer like we’ve never known and it may be a mutation of what we do know? like the flu? what about Ebola?

Yes, I’m worried, even paranoid. OK, I’ll digress and I’ll give in to your straight thinking ways.

It is very possible that you are carrying this virus and you don’t even know it.

Why pass it on?

Why put yourself at risk with travelling if you are vulnerable and more importantly put others at risk?

Ah! COVID 19 has gotten in the way of so much!

People not being able to see people and businesses not being able to carry on employing people and doing their business, it’s all a mess of a mess and we’ll all come out, in a bigger mess than when we went in.

How about animals losing their loved ones? Or watching their partners being burnt to death?

How many have pets?

I’m a normal genuine person and I just hope that we can all keep our way of life because the way things are going affects everything, including us.

This isn’t a call through any depths of depression or any crazy ideology, no, the scientific facts are there for all to see.

Watch the video.

God help us all!

What with all the conflict in the world that is forever getting closer, how are we to rectify the planet that has sustained us all through our past and will for our future?

I’m not a God-fearing man but I am a believer in unity and collaboration, and now is the time for all of the powers in the world to unite steadfast for a future community that is worldwide and held bound by a united front throughout the world.

Rant over…










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