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I hope you’re all well while you are reading this about me page, and I hope you carry on to read the others that I’ve made for this website that I’m building, some’ll be interesting, some funny, some not, and a lot of it will hopefully cinq in👌

Some of the writing is mine a lot is shared from what I’ve read and liked, and want to pass on as advice or just general information and I’ll hopefully make it a something one day…and if I can do that, then touch wood my children or grandchildren will keep it going for me🤸‍♂️ firstly, to introduce myself, my name is  Rob – or Bob is OK – if you like shortening names that is!🥳I’m more of an academic mind than a stand-up comedian or a person with social expertise and all my jokes are about as old as I am so please don’t expect to read anything fantastically funny🤦‍♂️I was born in London and had my school days in Huntingdon and looking back, I wish I’d have kept in touch. The years have flown and now we’ve all grown we don’t think of us nearly so much.

For me, digital art is the way to go and with the help and support from bringyourownlaptop I’m learning to be proficient using Photoshop, and then Illustrator will follow. Colour and imagery manipulated by this software can look SO good💯

As well as this site, I own PinchPunch, which has changed and is now just an idea(when it comes) & I also manage a website for a non-profit organisation called The People Project

Since we we’re all in Lockdown and I made these sites not much has changed in my life apart from the fact that I’m now more mindful, more proactive and more clear headed. As I’m always saying, “I’m getting there, slowly but surely, I’m getting there,” and with Photoshop/Illlustrator/WordPress and writing I have to get somewhere, those skills don’t go unrecommeded or looked down upon.

I’m talking to myself here with these words on this screen and in my own world they help, so thanks. I know I can’t count on any feedback to know how I’m doing or where I could better things so talking to myself about myself seems about right. Who needs company anyway?

if you would like to get involved then you would be more than welcome…plz leave a comment!


2021 will be the year when I get things together. When the things that I have in motion come to some kind of fruition.

Update 8th July 2022: Make that 2022 will be the year when I get things together. When the things that I have in motion come to some kind of fruition.

update-03/07/2023: I’m getting there! So we’ll make this yr the year when things are actually starting to come together forming some fruition. [put in a link here to a page which tells of the fruition of things happening!]

One Love 💗💜

King George

We went everywhere together and I miss him a lot.

George was given to me free of charge, back in 2009 when he was just a pup and we had some great times! When I moved I had to rehome him as at that time I couldn’t cope, not with him and my illness, so I thought I’d pass him on as he was passed on to me and I gave him away to a homeless lad who had just about given up on himself.

They took to each other straight away and bonded really strongly in the time that we were together and it was then that I knew what I was going to do.

Over the years I’ve lost contact. I know he’s happy tho – The King of The Stud Farm


I’ve had the picture below with me for a good few years now. It was taken as I went to the toilet in a local pub and I stopped and snapped. You can see my reflection in the glass if you look close enough. It’s become like my icon over the net and if you see it anywhere (other than the pub where I found it) you’ll know it’s me. The top one is the original.


What more can be said about Madness! Growing up in the ’70s still leaves me loving their music.


It’s a long lonng roooaaaad

Of which there are maaaany turns

Until we see our way to make a better day

This road will be filled with churns


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