2021 – A New Year and a New Turning Point

2021 should be a new way of looking at things for everybody.


Will things ever return back to normal?

What with social distancing and constant hand washing, wearing masks in the knowledge that germs really do travel through the air, isolation and remote working with Zoom as the go-to app for communication, it’s hard to see a time when we’ll get back to the work place mixing with folk like we used to and even being able to get close enough for a hug.

The new norm has become a daily routine where we watch out for ourselves & eachother more than we’ve ever done before in our generation. Yet still there are plebs who don’t care and think that it’s all a hoax. How can people be so damned ignorant?

A daily grind of being stuck indoors, not being aloud to go out except for essential reasons, like shopping or exercise or going to the doctors, even dentists are closed.

Groundhog Day is just about every day in these times of uncertainty and with the emotions to go with it.

The frustration and boredom of isolation with only mostly online communication is taking it’s toll and it’s leaving many of us with a lot of mental and physical anguish.

Speaking to noone for days or weeks isn’t easy and it’s through this lockdown that I’ve personally learnt to appreciate the sound of another person’s voice in my ear, be that on a phone call or the radio or even in an online meeting.

Jobs have been done around the house and all of the things that needed doing are now done.

What now?

How else do we fill our time?

Apart from doing the same thing again and again, day after day. Which, in a working world WAS the norm, but now we’re having to face it on our own, with Social Media to keep us company.

Why can’t the political parties work together?

We’re ALL in this whether you’re a red or a blue and we are all striving for the same thing, the same goal and the same outcome. So why can’t the leaders of the country all get together putting all of their strengths and ideas on the same table? We all know that two heads work better than one right?

Two or more parties taking on different roles in the actions to get things sorted would in my opinion be far better than leaving it up to the old ways of doing things where one tackles everything, and lets face it, Boris could use some help!

Schools that aren’t opening…

Most of the children are far more up to date with technology then we are now and the Government are giving just about every kid in the land a laptop or device to do home schooling. Would it not be best to keep the children off of school until this pandemic has been beaten and if needs be, let them leave school a year or so later than they normally would? At least we’d know they’d be safe at home!

We’ve had it cushy when you think about it!

Pubs, clubs and raves, holidays and parties, gatherings and protests, festivals and sporting events, and being able to walk down the road or drive to another part of the country. We’ve had it cushy in times gone by. Jetting off on aeroplanes and sailing in giant criuse liners, being free, we couldn’t have had it any better!

Cushy vs Cautious

It could be me, and it could be you. It could be any one of us who has this virus. It is possible to be carrying it without even realising because we don’t feel ill and have no symptoms. On the cautious side I stay at home while on the cushy side there’s still the selfish few who don’t care and blatantly thwart the law. It’s not the law I’m worried about, it’s you or me, or someone we know and love that could get hurt or even worse, killed.

Cautious rules the day and it’s not like we can say “well, we’ll just let those cushy ones get on with it,” they are a menace to society in bigger ways than we care to admit at the moment.

People are getting anxious, frustrated and angry which reminds me of a video I saw on social media today of a man talking into a camera, fuming at kids roaming around in gangs, people panick buying in the shops clearing the shelves.

The cushy days are over my friends, for now at least.

Whats the best way to look at this?

We can go out, we just need to be extra careful.

Shops and stores aren’t going to run out of supplies so as far as that’s concerned just act normal, there’s no need to go mental and buy up the isle of toilet rolls!

The vaccines are rolling out and we’ll all get one soon (that’s if you want to have one.)

Accepting that there is a dire need to stay at home, protecting yourselves and the NHS is a must.

I think that Acceptance is the key, because right now there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.

We just need to suck it up and get on with it.










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