10 Quotes by Confucius That Will Change Your Life Forever

If applied, they can change your whole existence.

“The Man Who Asks a Question Is a Fool for a Minute, the Man Who Does Not Ask Is a Fool For Life”

“ If Your Plan Is for 1 Year, Plant Rice. If Your Plan Is for 10 Years, Plant Trees. If Your Plan Is for 100 Years, Educate Children”

“Respect Yourself and Others Will Respect You.”

“ It Does Not Matter How Slowly You Go as Long as You Do Not Stop”

“Your Life is What Your Thoughts Make it”

“If You See What is Right, and Fail to Act on it, You Lack Courage”

“If You Hate a Person, You are Defeated by them”

“You Cannot Open a Book Without Learning Something”

“He Who Chases Two Rabbits Catches None”

Alright, it’s hard to admit, but if I had to summarize all my learnings from my life, it would probably end up being this quote.

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